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Our health is something most of us take for granted every day.  For many years I spent time enjoying myself, carefree, not even thinking about my health.  To me life was just one big playground.  That was until I developed Type 2 diabetes.  This was an illness that I thought, like most people, was an elderly disease.  I was 28 years old and more afraid than I had ever been before.  The only person that I knew that had diabetes was my grandmother.  Most of the memories that I had of my grandmother were wonderful, but there were also the trips to the dialysis clinic.  These trips were necessary because of her diabetes.  After her treatments, 2 to 3 times a week, I saw how this affected her.  This experience with my grandmother made me believe that this illness was more than it really was, uncontrollable. 

While I lay in the hospital bed, with all of these thoughts running through my head, a doctor came in to explain my condition.  He educated me on diabetes and my fears soon faded.  After a long conversation with the doctor, I felt I could control what I once thought was uncontrollable.  I knew at that point I had to be more responsible when it came to my health.

Diabetes is only one disease that can plague the human body.  There are many others out there.  That is why it is so important to get yearly checkups and screenings.  Many diseases and common illnesses can be cured, if detected early.  You should make your health a top priority.

Small preventive measures can increase your life span.  Never feel that a pain is minor.  Any change in health is worth attending to.  Small pains can be a result of a much larger problem. 

Stress is something that I learned about later in life.  I never knew that I was the reason for most of it, meaning I allowed so many things to get under my skin.  Things that I had very little or no control over kept me angry and confused.  After I learned from my mistakes of storing up these stressful situations, I quickly started approaching the situations differently.  I often started asking myself is this my problem, if so, how can I resolve it in the best way possible.  If the problem is not mine, I asked myself is this something I really want to get involved in, and if so, am I willing to take on the responsibility and action of what may occur.  I found that most of the problems or stress that I experienced stemmed from the company I kept.
Stress and Health

After spending years of dealing with some form of stress, I never thought that stress would play a major role in my health.   Years ago as a young man, there were many issues that stressed me out.  These issues were all man-made (they could have been avoided).  Instead of walking away from them, I chose to let these problems get to me by allowing them to take center stage in my life.  Some of the problems were closely connected to my heart.  At the time of these events, I noticed changes in my health.  Also I noticed that mood swings kept occurring, shortly after that I started noticing problems with my vision.  Thinking that I only needed glasses, I paid no attention to what was really happening.  I finally made up my mind to go to the doctor when I could not recognize the faces of the people in front of me. 

As my wife drove me to the hospital, I started thinking about the things that mattered the most to me (family and friends).  At that moment, none of the problems that worried me up to this point, made a difference.  After arriving at the hospital, I waited for a few hours, depression set in very heavily.  I started to wonder how bad could things be, or if I would ever be leaving the hospital.  The medical staff tried to make things as pleasant as possible, but I still wondered how bad my health really was.  A few hours later, I found out that I had diabetes.  Not knowing much about the illness, I thought that life as I knew it was over.  At this point, my depression had taken over and I did not think that I had long to live.   The comments that most people were making at the hospital made things worse.  Comments like "you're too young to have this disease" and "you will probably have to go on dialysis" are what I had to listen to.  

Later, after being educated on this illness, I found out that you can live a long, healthy life with this disease.  Due to following the advice of the doctor and with years of good sugar levels, I was taken off medication.  At this point, I felt that God was definitely looking over me.  I stayed off the medication for about 1 year, around this time stressful issues came back into my life.  I allowed these problems to affect my health.  My blood sugars went through the roof.  Sometimes they were so high; the meter just said "error".   This occurs when your blood sugars are too high and also telling you that immediate assistance is needed.  I started asking myself what I was doing wrong.  My diet and exercise had not changed, but the level of stress was very high at that time.  After a month, I called the doctor to set an appointment and asked her to put me back on the medication.   At this point, I remembered what the doctor said when I was first diagnosed.  He said that stress played a major role in bringing this illness on.  It was confirmed for a second time that stress was probably the leading cause of triggering this illness. 

Most people don't think that they are hurting themselves when they are stressed, but they are.  Stress can play a major role in our health.  Always ask yourself this question, "Is this worth my health?”  The answer would probably be "no".  I found out the hard way.

At any point in my life, dealing with these issues, I could have blamed other people.  Most of the issues were because of other people, but I take full responsibility for how I let it affect me.  I had total control to walk away from most of these situations, but didn't.   Stress can lead to many other illnesses that can affect you and your entire family.
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