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late nights with the whimpering and frequent bathroom runs.  One of the most pleasant things to do is watch her sleep.  Overall, it has been one of the best experiences my family and I ever had.  Having a pet has taught me responsibility.  You have to feed them and care for them like you would a person.  I have learned to be
Honey, a one year old beagle/terrier mix

Pets are wonderful semi-sophisticated animals that make awesome companions.  My favorite pet is a dog, particularly the beagle.  I have one, her name is Honey.  She is 7 months old.  Our journey started with her on April 12, 2011, at the Mississippi Animal Rescue League. We had been searching for a dog for about 3 weeks.  We got Honey when she was about 7 weeks old. When she came home she was very small and fragile and did nothing  but sleep.  As she grew taller, she began to do what I saw "TV" dogs do. She drinks out of the toilets, jumps and climbs on everything, and sniffs through garbage cans. She also  puts us through some 
Princess, a sassy-energetic Pekingneese and Pomeranian mix

Princess was given to me by my co-workers because they thought she would be therapeutic.  I could not resist because I thought she was so cute; she actually fit into the palm of my hand at the time.  The owner said that no one was choosing her because they thought that she was too hyper.  My heart went out to her after that. 
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Having a pet can be one of the most enjoyable experiences you will ever have in life.  Pets can be your best friend or just part of the family.  They add so much joy to your life.  Here at, we consider pets a priority and want to highlight our little friends.  
New Addition to the Family
responsible for someone other than myself.  It also helps to keep me active because she loves to play and run around the yard.

Kiyun C, age 13
I did not realize until later how much work went into caring for a dog and felt this was more than I could undertake.  As time went by, I began to see her as a "God Send."  I have had two surgeries since I received Princess and after each one, the doctors recommended I move around as much as possible.  If I did not have to attend to her needs, I am certain I would not have gotten out of bed.

Pets do require a lot of attention and work, but they can provide a lot of unconditional love to
their owners/human family, I know Princess has for me.

T. Sadler

A true animal lover kissing her pet iguana.
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Importance of Leashes  Tip

The use of a leash is very important in the restraint of your pet. It can prevent your pet from getting loose and attacking another animal or even a person.  It is also helpful in training your pet and guiding him/her around obstacles. It can also be helpful in keeping your pet out of harm from oncoming traffic.