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"Investing in your family is the biggest and most profitable Investment you can ever make."
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The Most Profitable Investment You Can Make 
When you think about investments, you often think about 401K, stocks and bonds, mutual funds, and IRAs. All of these investments are good, but there are others that you should consider being the most important.  People often say the biggest investment you will make is starting a business or buying a home. These are important but I disagree with this being biggest investment; to me the biggest investment that a person can make is their spouse. When married, you have agreed to a life-long commitment of investments and compromises.
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trustworthy and competent base for an individual.  This is something that most households lack today.  In most households today, families have fallen on hard times where there is only one parent or where children are raising themselves.
At almost any age you have to be accountable for  your actions.  As parents, we share a common goal in these responsibilities,  overseeing and protecting their families. 

Parents do not expect their children to physically, financially, and mentally be able to do what they do, but as future leaders, children play a very important role in the household.  Assisting mom and dad gives children a chance to learn things that will assist them in their future roles as parents.  

Kids need the love and respect of their parents,  although they may not think so at the time.  These are much needed ingredients for a child's success.  No parent or child is perfect,  but with great effort on both parts, there is a greater chance for success. 

There is not a manual for raising the perfect child or having the perfect family.  Parents strive to do what they think is necessary to ensure that their children become positive and productive adults.  
One of life's most satisfying pleasures is the luxury of having a family. The family unit is what America was founded on.  Our communities are as strong as the families that live in them.  If our nation is to continue to be a great one,  then we have to start strengthening our family units.  We have to make family a priority again in order  for our children to have a better future.

It still takes a village to raise a child.  We should all be concerned about our children's future.  We are our brother's keeper and we need to become more concerned about the needs of others to insure that our communities stay strong.  Strong communities produce strong families and strong families produce productive citizens.
The success of an individual often starts at home.  A positive family environment along with strong family values creates a very
Why Family Matters Most
In my opinion, children should not be raising children. There is no level of respect in those cases.
Family Time

Quality time with family is something that most households lack. This is an element that can strengthen the entire family.  While this time may be valuable for parents to show love and support , it is extremely important to your children. It gives them a chance to open up on a level and comfortable playing field.  Parents it is very important that you welcome any and  every topic of conversation that comes to your child.
Balance Family Time
Balancing family time can be difficult for most families.  Most people feel  between work, school, and extra-curricular activities it is hard to
Planning Family Activities

Planning family activities should involve the entire family.  Parents should assign a person in the family to note ideas for the family to vote on.  Ideas should be fun and exciting for every member of the family.  (Remember parents,  fairness is the key; you can always get out voted depending on the number of children and/or people living in the household.) 

Examples of family activities:  movie night,  game night,  picnics,  bike rides, field trips to museums, zoos, or aquariums,  gardening,  exercising,  dinner at your favorite restaurant
Active Family Time

A daily walk is one way to get in great family time and exercise.  It gives  you a chance to talk with your kids about things that mean a lot to you and should mean a lot to them.  Things like school, friends, spending, jobs, community service, religion, and the subject that may be embarrassing to talk about, sex.

Parents should always encourage family activities that promote healthy lifestyles, both mentally and physically.

The Importance of Family time
find quality time to spend together.  While all these things are important,  family time should be made a priority for the entire family.

When your kids are all grown up, they will remember the times spent with family. 
They will cherish the memories of all the summer vacations and family gatherings; so make each moment count today.
Quality family time can create memories that can last a lifetime.
Life's truest treasure
Family Time
Health Matters
Offering Inspiration to you and your family. 
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"Enjoy life and all of the many treasures it has to offer, including the most precious one of all, FAMILY".
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Protect Your Investment
Most people do not look at family as being an investment.  What else can improve your life as well as your lifestyle and future generations to come other than family? Having positive parents motivating their children to believe and work hard for a better tomorrow is the only way to improve our nation. 
Having someone on your side during difficult times or being there for someone when they're down can truly be sign of knowing that you have something special. People that are in your life to help you with the good as well as the
bad maybe a sign that you truly have someone that cares about your well-being. Having the right spouse can help you improve your life as well as your lifestyle through compromises and investments.
Choosing the right person to spend your life with cannot be summed up on a single date or the look of someone or how they make you feel at the moment. Investing in someone because of how they look and how they make you feel can turn out to be devastating for your future. While nobody wants an unfavorable looking person, this feature alone can persuade you to make unwise decisions that you may regret for life. There are so many things you should look at before even considering a person to be your spouse.  Always look at a person in a way where they can make you a better person and you them. Always look for someone who is willing to work hard to have a better life, and someone who's not afraid to be different or speak out against something that they feel may not be right in order to improve the lifestyle for their family; most importantly someone who shares the same values on life as you do. Having a family with a spouse who has different values on life can be a setback on your future goals that you have set for yourself; Whether starting your family,  furthering your education, buying a home or either starting a business. Don't be afraid to ask questions over and over if the answers change you may need to pay close attention and ask similar questions more often.
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