Manhood today can be such a challenge. There are so many roles that have to be played. Think back when you were a young man, without a care in the world. Did you ever think that life would be so complicated? The answer would probably be no. Men are expected to have physical as well as mental strength, with the ability to withstand force or pressure. I’m here to tell you that’s not always true. Men do have the upper hand when it comes to strength. But with great power comes greater responsibility. This can also become your weakness. Men are judge on a much high scale than women. This scale demands patience, perseverance, and endurance. If you look around the world, you see men with the ability to control; but true manhood possesses a special ability to endure challenges that are put before them. This can help with guidance as well as inspiration for others. Sometimes that ability comes from a spiritual belief , family or within himself, to help manage their roles and their responsibilities to others who need their protection. The pressure that comes with adulthood can be somewhat brain racking; but it is a part of life. Me personally I think it is a privilege, making a difference in so many life’s.
Most children adopt their habits from their parents. Molding your child should be a top priority, especially when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle.  Educating your kids on healthy eating habits at an early age may be the difference of having a healthy child or an unhealthy one.  Teach them the value of eating a well-balanced meal.  Also include them in grocery shopping.  This is the perfect opportunity to teach them how to select healthy foods.
As the leader of the family, you should start your kids out on a healthy lifestyle. This will benefit them in the long run.
Fathers, this is extremely important if someone in the family has health issues. Teach them to read the packaging
It is very important to stay active, especially for middle age and older men.  Sometimes we often set aside daily activities for things we feel are more important.  The main thing that we do not realize is that our health is the most important thing we should be worried about.  Living a healthy and active lifestyle is something all men should put at the top of their list.  At this stage in life, being physically active can fight off many illnesses that occur at this age, such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, and hypertension. 
Staying active
Remember: as you get older you will need more activity in your life to stay healthy. So take a daily walk with your wife or shoot a little basketball with your kids.  This not only strengthens you, but the entire family as well.
Being positive around others is something that is much needed in today's society.   We all at some point need something in our lives to lift us up when times are rough.  Most people look to God during this time.  I personally have been a witness of seeing positive things done, so I know they make a difference.  Sometimes it only takes five minutes of your time or a few words to brighten someone's day.
Being positive
For most men community service is something that they feel very positive toward.  In their minds, this is a generous act of kindness that is very much needed.  Although most men think positive about it, very few men participate in community service.  Strong, positive, and active men in the community, in my opinion, may be the key to having strong, active young men in the community.  Just a little participation from men in the community may make a huge impact in the growth of that community.
Being active in the community
Relationships can be your dream come true, or your worst nightmare. It starts out with all the right ingredients: a great smile, long hair and a great body. You are naturally attracted to her, yes; but before  putting a lot of time and energy into it, learn more about  her (first or second date) or (between conversations). Learn her likes and dislikes, high points and issues. It might take longer to find out all issues. Never go out of your way, where it is an inconvenience to you (over spending to impress). Always be yourself. Sometimes men take control, which is their way of showing pride. Do not be so aggressive. Make her feel comfortable. Things will work out, if it is meant to be.
Most people say the biggest investment you will ever make is buying a house or starting a business, I disagree.  I think that the biggest investment a person can make is taking on a spouse.  At the time that you say the words "I do", you take on a new role in life.  This partnership should not be taken lightly.  While you may be the senior partner, your wife may have a huge impact on the decisions you make.  Take time to listen to her ideas and thoughts.  Sometimes minor discussions like this can be very useful in solving problems that may occur.
A husband's role
A father's role
Being a parent can be one of the most complicated jobs you will ever have.  As a father, you find yourself making mistakes the early stages in this new leadership role.  These mistakes will teach you valuable lessons.  After realizing your mistakes, you should be able to make decisions that will make you a better father.  Although it will feel comfortable making decisions after a while, do not hesitate to ask others for help.
At times you will find that your leadership role will test you in many ways.  This is a test that is often failed the first time around.  Sometimes as a father, you have to be judge and jury.  In all fairness to your children, make sure that every decision is thought out very carefully and with everyone at heart.
As fathers, we do the best that we can.  We are not always the most liked parent. In most cases we have to become the law, policing and enforcing the rules of the house.  Dads your children may not see these things at first, but eventually they will. 
Remember no human being is perfect.  Even though you are a father, you will still make mistakes.  The objective is to learn from them.
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