In some ways you may think this is unfair, but if you notice the image then so do others. It may be unfair or even unwise to judge someone on their image, but in most cases that’s all you have to go on.

NOTE: If you don’t care about your image as a young woman, it will only get worst as you age. Your image is what you think of yourself. It's 90% you. Try your best to control, what’s controllable.
Benefits of improving your image
  • You feel better when you socialize and/or  communicate with other people.
  • You gain confidence in your ability to perform.
  • It brings your self esteem up to level where you can gain respect for yourself.
  • People pay attention to you more with a positive self-image.
  • It can motivate you to live a healthier lifestyle.
  • You can inspire others
Remember: Paying attention to small details will not only enhance your appearance and raise your confidence level, but it will automatically leave a positive impact on others.
Appreciating people is something we all should work on, especially young people.
These are decisions that are made by family members to benefit the family. They are the foundations that allow you to make healthy choices on your own. These are the same guidelines that morally guide you through life. These values are often taught by a loved one such as a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle,  etc. Family values teach you the importance of caring, honesty, integrity, forgiveness, generosity, conservation, respect for others and other forms of life.
Family Values
Being Active
Relationships to a young woman can be very important and somewhat motivating, but it can also be your biggest distraction. I ’m here to tell all young woman that you can do and be anything you want, from A to Z, if you put the same amount energy and effort as you do relationships. I know how they can inspire you, but only for a brief moment. Don’t sacrifice your hopes and dreams of achieving life long goals for a few months or even a few weeks on pleasure. No relationship is worth that much.
For a young woman experimenting with sex at an early age can be equivalent to a young women playing with a loaded gun. Yes , having sex at an early age can be detrimental. No matter how experienced you think you are, or how well you think you are equipped, sex even for adults can be deadly. You, like most young women probably think that it won’t happen to you. No matter how attractive or clean he may appear to be, he maybe carrying a sexually transmitted disease (STDs). The young man (in he defense) may not know that he is carrying a disease. Some sexually transmitted diseases can be transmitted by an infected person even if they don't have any symptoms.

Some STDs, like Chlamydia, can infect a person without causing any actual disease (unpleasant symptoms). People without symptoms may not think of themselves as having a disease, but they may still have an infection that needs to be treated.

The most deadliest STD is HIV. HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) causes AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) a disease that  damages the immune system cells until the immune system can no longer fight off other infections that it would usually be able to prevent.
Let’s start with MOM; someone who carried, prayed and fed you for nine long months. Only to endure the birth of something magical, you. Her job from that point on is to care for you more than herself. Sacrificing her needs to make sure her child is safe. You probably wouldn’t  be reading this if it wasn’t for your mom. I use this example a lot when talking to young people. A mother will walk barefoot in the freezing snow to make sure her child is safe. My opinion; I think mothers are angels on earth.
FATHERS are often not given enough credit. They’re like moms also, your protector. Fathers have a different approach on caring and protecting. Some people may see this as tough love, but this may be their way of preparing you for the real world. The love is still there.
Mom and dad  work together as king and queen to provide a roof over your head , clothes on your back, food, and all the luxury you like. There are young people that don’t have 10% of what you have. No caring mother, no protecting father, no place to lay their head, no nice clothes, no food, no luxury, and would kill to take your place.

If what I’m saying makes sense to you, stop right now, go and hug (call) your mother and father. Thank them for what they’ve done and tell them how much you appreciate everything they do.
Some people have no clue what strong family values are. So the next time mom, dad, grand-ma or granddad lays the law down by telling  you something; stop and listen, this may benefit more than you’ll ever know.
When young women are active, it helps their body to build strong bones and muscles. Weight control is another benefit. This can also help decrease the risk of developing  type 2 diabetes.

Note: Young ladies if your not already active, then start off with a low risk exercise like walking or jogging this can help you with the more extreme activities.
Enjoy your youth, while focusing on school and the many needed essentials of life. Time doesn’t stand still for anyone. Don’t be so quick to grow up because you’ll have the rest of your life to do that
NOTE:A common cold can kill you, if you have AIDS. 
More on sexually transmitted diseases statistics and prevention

As a young woman,  your image is very important. It can be one of your strongest points, or  your biggest weakness. Your image is an element that plays a key role in your life. It may be the difference of you starting at the front of the line or sometimes at the back of the line. A positive image benefits you greatly. It is the one thing that can distinguish you from others. It shows people that you care about yourself. A good image shows a positive person. A bad image shows a negative person. This can greatly affect how people perceive you in life. Ever notice in school or at the mall, the well dressed or pretty girl may get a lot of attention.
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