Why Your Self-Image is Important
Self-image is the way you see yourself.  It can be influenced by many factors such as weight, social status and even parental and peer pressures.  A good self-image shows a positive person. A bad self image shows a negative you.  How you perceive yourself greatly affects the image you will portray to others.

Why your self-Image should be Important to you

Your self image should be important to you because you are the only person that can improve it. It is important because in most cases it affects your image, self esteem and confidence. As you  feel better about yourself on the inside ,you will feel more empowered and confident on the outside.

  • Low self-esteem this is when you feel you're never quite good enough by putting yourself down.
  • Low confidence this is when you have no faith in yourself or your ability to handle whatever situations are presented to you.

Having a low self-esteem is how you feel about yourself. Image is about how you see yourself and how you believe others see you. They are closely connected because if you have a poor opinion of yourself,   your self-esteem will be low. This will affect every part of your life, especially your ability to socialize and communicate with other people.

Having low confidence in yourself means you have no belief in your ability to accomplish things that others would consider possible. This lack of faith weakens yours drive to achieve whatever you’ve set out to do. At this point, you’re convincing not only yourself but other people that you will
Encouragement and Motivation
How do you see yourself ?
First Image/Impression

Your first impression you give about yourself is your image. The first image is a very important factor of your success. Your image plays a key role in the way people will deal with you. This could help or hurt an opportunity you may have in a major way. You have only one shot at a first impression. Portraying the right image may affect your life, especially your career. A good image may show that you have a positive attitude, very knowledgeable, well experienced & good faith. Sometimes the important factor to achieve success is having the right image.
Paying attention to small details will not only enhance your appearance and raise your confidence level, but it will automatically leave a positive impact on others.
Here are some tips on improving your image

  • Smile
  • Dress for the occasion,  clothes that fit
  • Get involved in activities that can boost your self-esteem and increase your  confidence such as Walk Groups

Benefits of improving your  image

  • You feel better when you socialize or communicate with other people.
  • You gain confidence in your ability to perform.
  • It brings your self-esteem up to level where you can gain respect for yourself.
  • People pay attention to you more with a positive self-image. 
  • It can motivate you to live a healthier lifestyle.
  • You can inspire others

A good or bad image creates a good or bad judgment about a person. Even the way you talk involves self-image. Self-image is important because if we don’t like how we look ourselves, then we lose confidence and self-esteem. It is not the most important thing in our life, but if we learn to like who we are, then others will see us how we see ourselves

If you desire to cease being overlooked and wish to increase your probabilities of a brighter future, improve your image. 

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Being able to put others needs before your own. It means being kind-hearted even when it seems impossible to do so.  It is also showing compassion for your fellow man. 
Here are most characteristics of a positive self-image. Which ones do you possess?
To inspire someone means to have a positive impact on their life.  You can inspire someone with a simple word or even a good deed. You should strive to inspire people every day of your life. Inspiring someone gives you a feeling of joy and  accomplishment.
Honesty means knowing the right thing to do and doing it.  Being honest is also telling the truth at all times; even when the truth is not the most popular thing at that time.  Honesty is one of the best character traits that a person can ever have.
When you motivate someone you encourage them to do something that they thought they could not do.  You give them a more positive outlook about a situation or about a goal that they are trying to achieve. Motivated people tend to be positive people.
It takes dedication to accomplish your goals. Dedication is being persistent about completing tasks that get your closer to your goals.  It is important in forming relationships and  in pursuing employment opportunities.
Having the right attitude can determine how far you go in life.  Having a positive attitude can determine the outcome of any situation you may find yourself in.  Being positive says to others that
you are able to handle any situation whether good or bad.
Displaying confidence means to have  pride in your appearance and personality.  It does not mean to boast about whom you are, but to be proud of whom you are.  If you are confident in whom you are, then others will take notice as well. 
So now, how do you see yourself ?
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