"Sharing with someone means caring for someone. Share your Inspiration and inspire someone today, so that they can share their inspiration and inspire someone tomorrow."
"Your Health Matters to more than just you."
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Part of living a healthy lifestyle is knowing your numbers and how to read them. Click below to see targets on cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar and body mass index numbers.   
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Welcome to Live Enjoy Inspire.com, a motivational website. This site is designed to highlight the importance of family, while offering helpful information on healthy living, and more.
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One of life's most satisfying pleasures is the luxury of having a family. The family unit is what America was founded on.  Our communities are as strong as the families that live in them.  If our nation is to continue to be a great one,  then we have to start strengthening our family units.  We have to make family a priority again in order  for our children to have a better future.
"Enjoy life and all of the many treasures it has to offer, including the most precious one of all, FAMILY".
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True role models are people who possess the qualities we would like to have. They are people that affect our lives in ways that cause us to be better people.
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Knowledge is very important in making positive lifelong decision for young adults.
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"Investing in your family is the biggest and most profitable Investment you can ever make."
"Staying motivated is the hardest part of controlling your weight."
Ever wondered about your self -image and how it affects your life?
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Don't let preventable health issues rob you of the life that you desire. Learn more about maintaining as well as promoting the essential of a healthily lifestyle.
"The success of an individual often starts at home.  A positive family environment along with strong family values creates a very trustworthy and competent base for an individual."
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"Your Health Matters to more than just you."
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